So everyone has a gigantic bag. it just depends on how heavy this bag is. some may contain;jealousy, hatred,lies,deceit, the list goes on. In some cases, some peoples bags contain a lot worse. As a believer in Christ Jesus, this bag is taken away by God. He relieves you from the load. so as you … More GIGANTIC BAG.


Becky So basically Bello is awake. And the first call we got from the hospital was that; “we need to rush down to the hospital cause Bello has gone bazookas”. Well okay that’s not what they said. What they actually said is, “Bello is awake but some really pretty lady is here. And he’s screaming … More ADA: EPISODE 23


Becky Its been two days now since the arrival of Michael and Fola. I’ve been quite excited. You see, like me, Fola is crazy. She grew up on the streets and so she aint scared to do things she has set her mind to do. But I was quite surprised when I watched Michael carry … More ADA: EPISODE 22.


    Episode 21 Ada I stood with the butcher’s knife in my hand and that hand was raised up, high in the air above my head. And I watched. I watched as Nancy flew out of the couch and raced towards Fola. Fola on the other hand, not caring that Nancy has put on … More ADA: EPISODE 21

ADA: Episode 20

Becky I was on the ground trying my best not to pass out. Bello is alive; oh my God thank you so much. Bello is alive. “Are you ok?” I looked up from where I sat on the ground to who was questioning me. It was the doctor. When I didn’t reply, she continued to … More ADA: Episode 20


Jessica I left the hotel with my bleeding nose. I look like a freaking possessed beat up woman, but I don’t care. I have to leave town. Everyone keeps looking at me like I just got into a cat fight with a crazy woman but I don’t care, cause all I want to do is … More ADA: EPISODE 19.